How the CCH Expert Treatise Library Can Benefit You

CCH has introduced five more treatises. Together with the current collection, these new titles promise to change the way accountants and other professionals tackle difficult tax research

Technology  |  December 2011

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Sorting through an ever-growing tangle of tax laws, rules, codes, issues, trends and rulings is daunting. What’s more, nuances matter and the ability to plug in the right information and make a sound decision is often the difference delivering superior results to upper management or falling short of desired outcomes.

The CCH Expert Treatise Library series offers comprehensive resources that tackle the most challenging topics facing accountants and other tax professionals.

“Our newest treatises and our entire suite of treatise titles are written by today’s leading tax professionals, including the industry’s leading CPAs, attorneys and professors,” says Mark Friedlich, CCH Director of Publishing. “Our authors provide the unique insights, guidance, comprehensiveness and depth that are the hallmarks of world-class treatises — writing and presenting in a much more modern, accessible and easier-to-read manner than treatises written decades ago.”

The library is available on the IntelliConnect® and is expanding with five brand-new titles, bringing the total to 10. The new titles are:

CCH Expert Treatise Library: Federal Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders. “The treatise is ideal for all tax professionals looking to quickly obtain answers to complex tax issues regarding corporations and shareholders.” Friedlich says.

CCH Expert Treatise Library: Tax Practice & Procedure. This module focuses on all aspects of tax practice and IRS provisions. It includes up-to-date coverage of the fundamentals required to navigate the current tax system. Another benefit comes by way of thoughtful insights from practitioners who have successfully resolved disputes; other real-world examples are included.

CCH Expert Treatise Library: Federal Taxation of Subchapter S Corporations. This title delivers an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of S corporation taxation. Like the entire library, the expertly written title provides numerous examples. Readers will benefit from the illustration of both simple and complex business arrangements.

CCH Expert Treatise Library: Tax Accounting in Mergers and Acquisitions: Transactional Analysis. Mergers and acquisitions are among the hottest trends in business today. According to a recent report by Bloomberg Business News, the number of deals increased by 11 percent from 2010 to 2011. To provide professionals with what they need to navigate this complex area, this treatise provides in-depth, practical coverage of today’s key issues in corporate acquisitions, dispositions, reorganizations and restructurings — from a transactional perspective.

CCH Expert Treatise Library: Limited Liability Companies: Federal and State Taxation. Here you’ll find clear and reliable guidance on the latest tax issues for limited liability companies. Like all of the titles in the library, the real-world examples explain what it means for your clients, your corporation or your firm.

“Each treatise offers the most complete perspective on complex tax topics from CPA, JD, academic – insights from experts in these professional disciplines to give you a full understanding,” notes Cindy Kaplan, CCH Product Marketing Manager. “Plus, with access to numerous practice aids, tax professionals can manage these complicated issues and know they are using the right approach.”

“The value of these treatises is that they help professionals tackle real-world issues and problems,” adds James Kehl, CPA, MS, an accountant with Weil, Akman, Baylin & Coleman, P.A., and co-author of CCH Expert Treatise Library: Federal Taxation of Partnerships & Partners. “The straightforward guidance bridges complex regulations with the practical realities of advising clients.”

The new ones join the current collection, which comprises:

CCH Expert Treatise Library: Taxation of Compensation and Benefits, which covers a wide range of traditional compensation and benefits law, stock compensation arrangements and retirement plans.

CCH Expert Treatise Library: State Sales and Use Taxation, which provides comprehensive and insightful coverage on the scope, basis and measurement of sales and use taxes while focusing on key topics such as exemptions; credits and refunds; administration and compliance; and appeals.

CCH Expert Treatise Library: Federal Taxation of Partnerships & Partners, which covers all aspects of partnership taxation.

CCH Expert Treatise Library: International Taxation: Corporate and Individual, which discusses the international tax consequences of transactions from a United States perspective.

CCH Expert Treatise Library: State Taxation of Income and Other Business Taxes, which clarifies complex state tax issues, providing in-depth, up-to-date analysis from acclaimed industry experts.